Service of Solace

The Service of Solace is a meaningful experience for people who grieve at Christmastime.

For many people, trouble and sorrow are ever present at Christmas. As the streets are filled with the sound of songs of joy, and the world seems bent on creating an overwhelming sense of happiness, many are all too aware of the pain of losing someone close that wells up from within — and sadness fills the heart. The Service of Solace addresses this head-on.

The Service of Solace offers participants a couple of things.

It is, first of all, a time of quiet and comfort for the grieving to address their emotions during the Christmas season, offering a time-out from putting on the face of celebration—a place where one can be with others in quietness to experience a kind of solitude within community.

The other element of the Service of Solace is a time for honouring our loved ones who are no longer with us. Essentially, this is a memorial service. It recognizes that for many of us, it is those who are absent that we wish most could be here.

You will be given time to process the mixture of heightened emotions that come rushing in at this time of year—memories of happiness and loss, joy and pain.

There will be a surprising power about this experience.

It will touch you in profound ways, reaching deep into the soul.

It will have little to do with liturgy or preaching.

For many, it will be in simply having space provided for you to explore your feelings.

Lurking within are very powerful emotions. With the utmost simplicity, this service will enable you to live with them for a while.

Mark your calendars now and plan on attending this meaningful experience that will help you cope with your Christmastime grief.

Sunday, December 3rd at 3:00 pm

Riverside Baptist Church

11 Riverside Drive, Huntsville


Service of Solace detailsDownload 8.5×11″ Poster (3300×2550 px, 6.8MB)

Download 8.5×11″ Handout (PDF, 1.1MB)

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