Elders in the Faithful Church (Titus 1:1-9)

Sermon – Elders in the Faithful Church (Titus 1:1-9)

The inseparable relationship of doctrine and good works is the basis of this letter from Paul to Titus. How important this is for the Church to get this right! We have a tendency to emphasize one at the expense of the other — but, when truth becomes an end in itself, we produce a legalistic orthodoxy, often lacking in genuine love and care in action. However, when love is emphasized at the expense of truth (“it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you love everyone”), we end up having only platitudes with no power.

Today we will look at how Titus is instructed in getting this right by “putting things in order” in the church in Crete, beginning with the importance of those who have the oversight and leadership of a church family.

Pastor Charlie Lyons

August 6, 2017





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