Heritage Theological Seminary Course Offered in North Bay

In cooperation with Greenwood Baptist Church (a fellow FEB church in North Bay) the Heritage Centre for Distance Learning is offering the “Introduction to the Old Testament” course over three weekends this Fall: September 15-16, October 13-14, and November 3-4. The instructor for the course is Dr. Byron Wheaton, Professor of Old Testament Studies at Heritage College & Seminary.

Survey the Old Testament and learn why it is so valuable to the Christian faith. This foundational study is intended to provide an understanding of the early Scriptures. Explore why this text is more than simply an historical record of an ancient people. It is a correspondence between the author of the text and those people.

Heritage courses can be taken for credit (towards a degree) or audit (no homework assignments).

For more information about courses offered in North Bay or to register, please contact Karyn Mobray at: (kmowbray@heritageseminary.net) or 519-621-2869 ext. 270.

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