The things that really matter at Riverside:

  • The Bible, as God’s inerrant Word and guide for the Church
  • The Gospel, as revealed in Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church
  • Believing People, as God’s gifts and body of the Church
  • Our Growth in Holiness, the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church
  • Worship, as the God-ward focus of the Church
  • Unity in One Christian Family, inclusive of all demographic groups in the Church
  • Our Mission of making disciples and planting churches, Christ’s command to the Church

Our Vision

We are committed to thorough, relevant teaching of God’s Word in our Sunday services, small groups and various youth and children’s ministries.  Success is demonstrated to the degree that every participant advances on his/her journey with God toward becoming a mature, Godly, reproducing follower of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner relevant to our culture, through all the ministries of the church and authenticated by Christ-like members.  On a regular basis we expect to see people coming to personal faith in Christ, followed by baptism by immersion and membership in the Church.  We will evaluate and revise our ministries with this outcome as the measurement of success.

We are committed to worship the Lord as one united family.  Our worship will reflect this value by balance in the use of the best old and new hymns and songs, regular use of the hymnal, public reading of scripture, and the employment of instruments and technology that enhance joyful and reverent participation by all demographic groups.  Evaluating the success of our worship will be based on two measurements:  Is the Lord Jesus Christ glorified, and is there widespread participation by all ages?

We are committed to act like a Christian family, by prayerful mutual support, eating together, enjoying recreation and fun, and extending a helping hand where needed.  We are determined to act and speak in love toward each other, and resolve differences biblically with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We will measure this by the level of participation in such activities, and the sense of warmth in our fellowship.

We are committed to an emphasis on ministry.  We rejoice in the Lord’s provision of our home base facilities at Riverside, but are determined to focus our energies and resources on ministry into the Huntsville community and out to the whole world. We do not exist for ourselves but to reach out and serve others.

We are committed to the cause of World Missions.  To this end, by faith we increase the Missions component of our budget proportional to its total annual growth.  Also, from time to time through the year we promote special projects, typically one at Christmas and another with a kid’s focus at our Vacation Bible Camp.  We support career missionaries as well as short-term trips that fit the overall vision of Riverside and result in increased next generation interest in global evangelism.

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