Our History

To the glory of God, Riverside has been a vehicle of gospel ministry in the Huntsville community since the early 1930’s. Throughout our history, as both the leadership and the community around us have changed, God has shown Himself strong at Riverside.

In the 1930′s, a Baptist missions outreach south of Huntsville by Rev. Alf Bell launched both the Muskoka Baptist Camp on Mary Lake (the current day Muskoka Bible Centre) and Brunel Baptist Church, located opposite School #4 on Britannia Road. On October 4, 1942, Reverend Bell called a special meeting for the people who had been meeting in this location for the purpose of “organizing a regular Baptist church”, marking the official birth of current day Riverside Baptist Church.

Pastor Jack Adams came in 1945 and the church grew rapidly with many conversions and baptisms. Under his leadership, the church relocated to North Mary Lake Road in 1949 and was constituted on August 2, 1951, as Locks Baptist Church.

It was then Rev. Bill Piper’s vision that led Locks Baptist Church to purchase the present 5-acre property at the corner of Brunel Road and Riverside Drive. Our current building was constructed and dedicated in the early 1970’s under the leadership of the energetic Dr. C. B. Hayden.

Reverend Don Brubacher arrived in 2002 and the church enjoyed much growth in the church family and outreach ministries. He led the church through a building project in January 2009 with a new foyer and offices addition. This made more room for church fellowship and ministry expansion.

Riverside called its first Associate Pastor, Shannon McConnell, in June 2008. His vision was key in building up a vibrant ministry for Young Adults and Young Families.

Reverend Charlie Lyons is our current Senior Pastor, and he is passionate about seeing the church family be the heart and hands of Jesus in Huntsville. Under his leadership, the church has experienced a greater involvement in both local and global missions initiatives.

In 2015, a congregation-led building committee provided oversight of renovations to the main sanctuary. This project created a beautiful update to our much-loved space and place of ministry.

As we continue to minister in Huntsville, we are steadfast in our belief that God’s great grace is provided freely to all. We desire to be on mission with Jesus, making disciples who make disciples, as He builds His Church.