6:4 Sunday | Supporting Pastors in Prayer and the Ministry of the Word

Support Pastors in the Commitment to Prayer and the Ministry of the Word

The 6:4 Fellowship

Please join us this Sunday, June 4th (“6:4 Sunday”), in supporting pastors in their most important work. Through partnership with the ministry of The 6:4 Fellowship, your gifts will go toward the Pastoral Enrichment Initiative, to provide valuable resources to pastors, and encourage them to remain faithful in the things that matter most.

The 6:4 Fellowship exists to facilitate a Christ-exalting reawakening of pastors to the sufficiency of the Spirit of God, the word of God, and the people of God through a return to the leadership priorities of Acts 6:4.

The name, The 6:4 Fellowship, is simple and biblical; taken from the two vital priorities of Acts 6:4: “prayer and the ministry of the Word”. These priorities defined New Testament leadership and gave early church leaders the courage to say “no” to the distractions of lesser demands in order to focus on the supernatural heart of church leadership.

The pastorate is by and large under attack. The enemy seeks to distract, discourage, and deceive our leaders – in hopes of debilitating our churches. The 6:4 Fellowship exists to encourage and equip pastors, and empower churches for authentic, spiritual transformation.

That’s why our church is supporting “6:4 Sunday” this weekend!

All gifts this weekend that are marked “6:4 Fellowship” will go toward the Pastoral Enrichment Initiative. The goal is to raise $100,000 to help take The 6:4 Fellowship to a new level of ministry to pastors. These funds will not only go toward equipping pastors in their most important work in ministry, but will continue to allow The 6:4 Fellowship to change the landscape of pastoral ministry in North America and beyond.

Your gift to the Pastoral Enrichment Initiative will support pastors across the world by providing:

  • Weekly resources for pastoral ministry through The 6:4 Fellowship website.
  • A community of praying, like-minded leaders to connect and grow with.
  • Scholarships for pastoral coaching opportunities and dynamic conference experiences.
  • Translation of Old Paths, New Power: Awakening Your Church Through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word into Spanish, French, and Chinese for international pastors.
  • Create a 21-day prayer resource to promote church members praying for their leaders during Pastor Appreciation Month (October 2017).

Watch this 3 minute video for an overview of who The 6:4 Fellowship is:


Pastor Charlie will use a small portion of our worship service on Sunday, June 4th to highlight the impact The 6:4 Fellowship has had both on him personally and, by extension, on our church family.

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