Whether you’re visiting the Huntsville area this weekend or live here year-round, why not join us at 10:30am for our Sunday service? We know you’ll find us to be “A Church Family For Your Family”. We want to be the ‘heart and hands’ of Jesus in Huntsville and the Muskoka region, and help others come to know Him as Saviour and to help better their lives in whatever way we can.

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Current Sermon Series: Simplify

Simplify is a four-part series on how to simplify our too-busy lives and how to unclutter our souls.

What we’re after here are not just cleaner closets or a more efficient use of our morning commute. No, what we’re hoping for are straightened-out souls—souls in which space has been cleared for the Holy Spirit to live and breathe and work.

Pastor Bill Hybels penned the inspiration behind the Simplify series we are going through over the these four weeks in January, and as he explains it, the reason he devoted himself to studying the subject of busyness in modern culture is that he noticed a trend. When he asked people how they were doing—as we do in normal, everyday conversation—the typical response included one or more of the following three statements:

  • “I’m exhausted.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed.”
  • “I’m overscheduled.”

It wasn’t that he heard this type of response every now and then; he heard it nearly all the time.

Busyness had evidently become an epidemic, and Bill knew that the trend must be reversed. We must simplify—both for the sake of God’s Kingdom agenda and for the sake of our own too-busy souls.

Join us this Sunday morning at 10:30am as we discover from the Scriptures practical ways to experience greater energy, clearer purpose, and richer relationships as you eliminate clutter from your inner world.